Monday, June 22, 2015

Hometown T-shirt Quilt

Thank you to everyone for all the helpful comments on what I should do with the "extra" t-shirts for this quilt. This quilt is a farewell present from our church's CCD classes for our current priest of 12 years. He will be missed by many. He married my husband and me as well as baptized both of the crazythings.

I'm sure some of you would like to see the finished product. Well, here it is! I'm happy with how the front and back turned out, the quilting not so much, but it will be greatly cherished and provide much warmth for countless napping sessions.
 All t-shirts having to do with our town
"Extra" shirts
We went with Golf balls on black for the backing since he likes to golf. This fabric almost didn't make it in time to be in the quilt because of some shipping issues. It was presented to him at last Sunday's farewell dinner at church. It was great to hear the ohhs and awws when he opened it and held it up. That just about brought tears to my eyes.

I hope that I can do this again in another 12 years for our new priest.

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