Sunday, April 26, 2015

Fabric Store Bribes

Does anyone else bribe their children with fat quarters or thread when they take them to the fabric store or is that just me? We usually go look at the fabric first, the fat quarters are usually right in front of the bolts in the stores I shop, so I can look for my fabric and they can pick and choose their choice. Sometimes, I switch it up and they can choose a spool of thread.  It’s a win win in my book. I get “different” colors of fabric and thread then what I would have chosen and they get to carry something around with them, tying up little hands from touching other things, Here are some of their picks as of recently…
 Aren't they fun?

Here are my picks...

Hope you got to work on something fun this weekend!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Oh the places quilts go...

So I haven’t been around lately in blogland, but I have been up in my sewing room, sewing like a mad fiend almost every night! I shipped out a customer quilt this week, to of all places, Australia! Part of me wishes I could have just shipped myself to Australia; it’s very high on my top 10 places to visit. But oh well, guess I’ll just stay here in my little corner of the world. It’s rainy right now, but by next week it’s rumored to be in the 80s. WooHoo! This means happy farmers by the end of the week, which means happy days at work. Speaking of work, my co-workers got a taste of my sewing enthusiasm, shall we say, when I brought the Australian quilt along on a work field trip to bury the threads. Hey, I wasn’t driving and it was going to be an hour and half drive one way, so I might as well do something productive, right??? I may have an upcoming trip for work which will be about three days from home, by myself. So my question is… Has anyone else taken sewing projects on work trips? Or on Vacation to work in the car/plane/train. How did that work out for you?

 I’m thinking of taking a hand quilting project that has been on my WIP list for, well forever. It’s my first quilt. I thought quilts were all hand quilted, that was many moons ago, now I know more about machine quilting. But since I started it, it's probably over half way done, I might as well finish it and having three nights of down time in a hotel sounds like the perfect time for some hand quilting.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2nd quarter Finish-a-long already??

Well the 1st quarter Finish-A-Long is done. Is my list done? HAHAHAHA! Not even close. As a recap, I had 14 items on my To Finish List, Seasons wall hanging, mesh tote bag, new scarf, spiral quilt, Cinnamon start quilt, (2) pillowcases, (2) Taggie Blankets, fixing the gymnastics leotards, (2) t-shirt quilts and a stacked squares quilt. I DID finish making myself a new scarf, spiral quilted and finished the spiral flannel quilt, (2) pillowcases done from my crazythings for Valentine's Day, one taggie blanket and BOTH of the t-shirt quilts. For starting back fulltime working, I do feel like I did get a lot done. So now on to this quarter's list, (Note: It's even more ridiculous then first quarters')

On the list again...
Finish my seasons wall hanging. Started this one in August at my club's retreat but didn't like the boarder I had picked out. I now have the boarder piece so no more excuses. (Didn't even touch this one)
Finish my mesh tote bag. This was a monthly project at my sewing club meeting in October I think. Still needs our name embroidered on a piece and it should be ready to go together. Was suppose to finish this for my crazything's fall swimming lessons Crazything is no longer taking them till summer. (I did get our last name embroidered on the fabric that is to go on the top edge.)
Start and Finish my Cinnamon Star quilt. I started cutting it out at my August retreat and it's not gone any further. (Anyone see a pattern here?!?) Also for this one, I need to find a tad more of Michael Miller's Fairy Frost in Haze so I can make this quilt bigger then the pattern calls for. I want it to be king size for my queen sized bed. I like my bed topping to be long on all sides. (Haven't found the Fairy Frost fabric, yet...)
Start a stacked square quilt for my youngest crazything so when she moves to a big girl bed she will have a quilt top. This I still need to think about pairing it with some solids to complete the quilt. (This one needs to move up on the priority list)

Fix my crazything leotards that I accidently stuck in the dryer. Bad Momma! (Got the seam ripper out one day and detached the tops from the ruined bottom pieces)

Finish the Irish Chain quilt-a-long I started but stopped halfway through because my life got crazy...

My sister requested a tie blanket for my nephew to be born this summer from this fleece. Maybe I'll try that new braided technique. Also, a few burp cloths from these flannels.

I still need to make her a Taggie Blanket too.

Chevron quilt to teach to my sewing class. Here is the jelly roll I plan to use. It may double as a baby gift for someone later this year. I swear something is in the water around here...(I'm Perfectly happy with my two crazythings)

Okay, that's it for the list. I have several other projects, mostly t-shirt quilts for customers and a baby tetris quilt too, but these are my personal projects on this list. In reality, I really hope to get two things done. This is a great way for me to list my current projects and be able to see what I need to work on before I take more on.

Linking up with the 2nd quarter Finish-a-long over at On the Windy Side. Check the blog out, Adrianne has some pretty cool stuff she is working on. (So I am a day behind! I thought I had till today to link up, duh, wrong day Hollie! Oh well, there is always next quarter!)

Thanks for reading!
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