Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Aren't all quilts scrap quilts?

Okay, I don’t know if this conversation happens between your spouse or not, but it is an ongoing debate between my husband and me.
 His side of the debate stands at you have to cut up large chunks of perfectly good fabric, that could be used as a blanket just the way it is, to make different blankets. Therefore, the cut fabric is a scrap of the larger perfectly good fabric. Blah!
My side of the debate is yes, it can be used as a blanket/quilt as is, and some whole cloth quilts are just that with beautiful decorative quilting done. But in general, it’s the artistic side that causes the cutting of large pieces from the bolt. Scrap quilts are scraps of fabric leftover from other uses. Usually one does not go out and buy loads of fabric for a scrap quilt. Like when you see a quilt and you go buy the fabric just for the purpose of making that quilt. That is not a scrap quilt. The fabric for scrap quilts was bought for another purpose and served its purpose. The scrap pieces are just that scrap.
So, that is the playful bantering that goes on at my house whenever I go buy more fabric for a quilt. Does your spouse have a different way of thinking about an aspect of your sewing/quilting?

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  1. Fortunately, since Mike and I have separate credit cards (and bank accounts), he is always very complimentary of my fabric purchases. Honestly, he has no idea how much I spend on my little hobby! Even when I despair that I have too much fabric, he says "well you need fabric, because you're an artist and instead of paint, you use fabric." He's a keeper!


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